Thursday, March 6, 2008

Erection 08 Is Just Around The Corner. Who will you vote?

Ok so the Erection 08 (pardon me the spelling, Jermyn influenced me) is just around the corner, just 2 more days to be exact. I've seen posters and banners of humans' heads hanging around the street like there's a big funeral going on. Fliers are thrown into your mailbox, clipped at your car's windscreen and they might even consider making and giving away their own toilet papers when they go overboard. Just imagine wiping your butt with a person's face on it and cap your punggung with the DAP or BN initials. Concerts are held in the housing area's small padang or roadside with young girls singing "oh oh oh oh oh ah ah ah ah" (haha look at Jermyn's blog) or apek & aunties singing old opera songs. I heard all of these but i never bother looking at the papers or be at the events lolz. Not that i don't care but i haven't register myself to vote, so i might register next time... and might vote next time... if i remember next time... =P

Well since i can't vote, i might as well join the partaaaaay~!!! They look very enjoying as they sing songs, shake strangers' hands, give long and frustrating speeches and do things they don't normally do for the past 4 years. So i've decided to gather my mates and start a party. Since i just started, so cincai make one banner but i think my banner can beat most of the other parties' banners in which they had spent hundreds of Ringgits on. So you guys have to remember to vote for my party this coming Saturday. If you cannot find our logo or our party listed in the paper, then you bet it must be the f***ing corrupted government's work!

DMZ's Erection 08 Banner. Click To Enlarge.

Seriously, vote for the oppositions. I've seen enough of the corruptions that our current government had created (through the forwarded emails and YouTube videos). I have a great feeling that the oppositions will get better results this time. We want a better future, don't we Malaysians? Gogo DAP! Errr...i mean DMZ! XD

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

How To Be A Professional Footballer?

Every football fanatic has a big dream of becoming a professional footballer. Sadly for many Malaysians, we are in a country where the football standard is as low as Digi's low flat rate and not forgetting about the awful corruptions as well. So even though you have the skills and determination to become a professional footballer, you just don't have the opportunity or chance to start. If not for this reason also, most are already becoming 'apek' and it's way too late for them.

There are many of us who are still dreaming day and night, especially after watching the EPL or UEFA Champions League matches, you will wish how much you want to play on the carpet field, with spotlights shining and seeing replays of your matches. You don't have to be very sad about your impossible dream because you can do something to have the closest feel of being a professional footballer! XD

Michael Ballack Scoring Against West Ham Recently. Chelsea Won 4-0.

So how do you start? First, get yourself a team. Find your other football fanatic friends or go out and know more friends if you're a geek who always hide yourself at home and play DotA or chat with your gf on MSN, you lifeless jerk. Form a football team and name your team that rhymes with any of the professional clubs such as Butoh United, AC Mulan, Real Kampung, Bayern Bombastic or the easiest, just add a FC to the back of your team's name to make your team looks like it's big and has a fan club. Then, fight for the number that you like, normally the same number of your favourite player. Everyone has his own football idol and it's very very good because idols often influence people and give them the passions and confidences to succeed. For me, Michael Ballack does really inspire me a lot. He scored in the recent EPL match against West Ham and the next day, i scored 2 goals for CFC's friendly match against Politeknik Ungku Omar. We won 3-2 and the best thing was i scored the 2nd equaliser and also scored a stunning long shot at 90th minute to help the team won! Tell me what's happier than this? XD

Don Your Idol's Number.

If you really want to be like your idol, you will have to be 'like' him. Doesn't matter if you have an ugly look, fat or short as it doesn't matter physically. You're a professional footballer and the most important is your skills and what you can do on the pitch. Play like your idol. If your idol is good at performing long shots, then practice your shootings. Same goes to if he's a great header, dribbler, crosser or a diver. Do not forget basic soccer skills are the most important, such as ball control, passes, ball-stopping and that's why you need to focus on these basics first before you think of becoming like your idol. Another closest way to be like your idol, after donning his legendary number, is to wear the same boots he wears. If he wears the Adidas Predator, Nike Mercurial Vapor or whatever expensive boots, you will have to throw in money to experience why the boots are so expensive. However, if you are poor after spending too much on your gf, then just get those lower range of the same model.

My New Baby - The Adidas Predator PowerSwerve.

And there you go, you're on the verge of becoming a "professional footballer", of your own lol. Although you don't earn million pounds or get thousands of fans, you get a better feel everytime you play football. Get your team to play with other teams every week by finding a referee and pay him to organize friendly matches for you. It's very important if you believe in yourself. It's good to tell yourself, "I'm a professional" everytime when you play because it makes you play better, train harder and gives you the eagerness to improve. Watch how your idol plays and follow his greatness. Don't expect to be like a professional if you don't train. Practice makes perfect and my advice is don't ever ever lose the heart of playing a wonderful football. Believe yourself that you can do something and show to the world what you're capable of. Remember Adidas' inspiration motto, "IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING!". Learn from mistakes you made during games and come as a better player tomorrow.

Canning FC's Michael Ballack. =P

If that's not enough, make your team looks even more professional as well. Create a website or an account in Friendster and collect fans while updating them with your current fixtures and results! You can think of many ideas and do them. As long as you feel happy and it doesn't offend anyone. What's life if can't enjoy some happy moments, right? Remember you can't be playing football forever, so play when you have the chance. Do not ever forget your team-mates as well because without them, you won't have a team and you don't get the chance to feel what is teamwork and team celebrations.

Check out Canning FC's
Friendster profile and join its Friendster group to get the team's match fixtures and updates!