Thursday, January 31, 2008

See KL On Monopoly...Soon!

If you don't know what the heck is Monopoly, open another browser and search it on Wikipedia and read the whole damn article about it.

Ok so you know what is it, but have you ever see Kua
la Lumpur on the board? Don't talk about Saidina, i'm talking about the most popular board game in the world. Yeah if you ever wonder if we can see our very own proud city and country on the board, right next to Paris or New York, then it is possible that you might see it on the next Monopoly version, called Monopoly Here & Now: The World Edition, which will be launched worldwide on 3rd September.

Before we can be sure that we can actually buy a property of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in Monopoly, we have to vote for it. Monopoly hasn't decide which cities they are going to feature on the new world edition and Monopoly fanatics are asked to vote for their top 10 cities if they want to see their own cities to be featured. There are already 68 cities listed for voting and proudly to say, our capital city is one of them. *Hoooray! Msia Boleh!*

Monopoly Ipoh Edition by A13x.

The voting period ends on 28 February 2008 and only the top 20 cities with the most votes will be featured on the board. Besides that, you can nominate other cities or towns in Malaysia to be featured on two "wildcard" property spots as well. So hurry to and start voting. At this moment, Paris is at the top of the rank with 4.2% of votes
while KL is being listed at the 49th ranking with only 0.7% of votes, pathetic! Haha so do you think KL can achieve such a small proud achievement just to be named one of the cities on Monopoly? That will have to depend on us. In the end, Malaysia still needs its rakyat-rakyat to help mengharumkan nama Malaysia. Muahahaha ask them to stop increasing prices and improve TMNut's Screamyx services first before we click on the 'Vote' button.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Canning FC - A Fresh Start Of The Year

Canning FC (CFC).

Last Sunday, on the 6th of January 2008, Canning FC played its first match of the year. After playing 25 matches by winning 14, drawing 4 and lost only 7 matches last year, we ended the 2007 season with quite an impressive record. As the new season began, we were determined to win our first match of the year. It was indeed an interesting match, probably one of the many great matches that we will remember throughout the year. Losing 1-2 in the first half and the team which was filled with winning enthusiasms after the half-time break, fought back with a never-give-up attitude which ended the intense match with an amazing win of 7-2.

It was a cloudy evening when both sides arrived at the DR Park field at around 5pm. The field was not in a good condition as heavy rain stormed through the area earlier, leaving the pitch wet, muddy and with patches of water. The opponent was a malay team, called the Orange FC which was printed on the back of the players' shirts. They looked very confident prior the match as the team players warmed up in sync with discipline. They even had training kits to be worn while warming up and changed to their team jerseys when the match began, how wealthy. The team looked like the favourites to win on the eyes of the spectators as some of the CFC players looked young and small in body sizes. As the referee arrived as well as the late players (including me hehe), the match kicked off.

CFC Futsal Team During Kosmo Tourney.

First Half
CFC was playing with a 4-5-1 formation. CFC had a star-studded team with Tai Hau aka Peter Schmeichel (my friend who i asked him to join us recently as CFC had no GK) as the goalkeeper, Dr. Basel aka Gael Clichy guarding the left-back, Ah Kwek-Quek aka Tal Ben Haim guarding the right-back and the 2 solid top defenders of CFC, Wai Lune aka Alessandro Nesta and Syed Meerah aka Jamie Carragher as the centre-backs. The left-winger was a newly recruited member with fast paces, who was called Prakash aka Florent Malouda while the right-winger was an imported chinese player who was on trial with the team. Controlling the midfield for CFC were Calvin Kong aka Xabi Alonso, the shorty skipper Ivan Teh aka Gennaro Gattuso and Alexander Lim aka Michael Ballack. The lone striker was Salinder Singh aka David Trezeguet. The opponent seemed to be playing with a 4-4-2 formation.

The first half kicked off with both of the teams struggling hard to pass around on the wet pitch. Several short passes and through balls were interrupted by the patches of water, which put a halt to the moving ball. CFC's attacking strategy was to attack on the wing most, particularly on the left side. On several occasions, Prakash tried to beat the opponent's right-back and most of the time he did but always failed to send the ball to the middle successfully. There were some chances for CFC, created by long balls and through balls but they were mostly denied by outrageous offsides. Nonetheless, CFC opened the scoring first with a fluke goal by Sal. Prakash assisted the goal by passing from the left to Sal who was in the middle of the penalty line. Sal made a very weak and slow shot but the goalkeeper failed to catch the ball and let it passed through his legs, what a sudden and shock goal for CFC! Sadly, CFC failed to hold on to the lead as the opponents put on pressure to CFC by launching fast counter attacks on the wings. Wai Lune worked very hard to keep the opponents at bay by making a lot of pin-point sliding tackles. However, Orange FC equalised from a corner in which CFC defenders left one of the players unmarked, allowing him to head in a free header at point-blank. CFC was struggling hard to play on such a wet pitch but still created a few chances where Sal and Prakash made some shots wide. Calvin Kong wasn't at his peak form as he failed to stop and control many incoming passes, due to the slippery condition. Right before half-time, Orange FC again counter attacked on the left side. This time the crosser sent in a curling ball to the middle which was punched away by Tai Hau. The ball didn't go out or far away from the goal but it landed on the right side of the post where the Orange FC striker made a jumping kick to score the second goal at point-blank again. Wai Lune was quite furious with the goalkeeper for not punching the ball away hard enough but it was difficult for Tai Hau as well since he didn't put on his gloves and the ball was definitely slippery.

Futsal Team During Ipoh Futsal Tourney.

Second Half
CFC had a team-talk during the break which gave a boost to the team morale. Three changes were made,
Ah Kwek-Quek came off for Jason Tay aka Michel Salgado, the imported chinese player was substituted with Justin aka Ze Roberto and Sal who was not on form, came off for Chris Conrad aka Thierry Henry. With no desire of losing the first match of the year, CFC players came on the 2nd half with great passion and determination to win. This was when the goals kept coming and things got more interesting. Crowds started to gather to watch the exciting match. Just minutes after the start from the break, Jason Tay received a ball from 22 yards out of the goal. He made a lob into the penalty box but one of the defenders used his hand to block the ball while challenging for the aerial ball. Obviously, the referee pointed to the spot without hesitation. Alexander Lim, who was inspired by the recent penalty goal Ballack scored during the match against Fulham, stepped up to take the penalty with confidence. Without any mistake, he shot past the keeper to the left-bottom of the goal, similar to the goal that Ballack scored. By getting the equaliser, CFC team chemistry went up a level. Chris Conrad, was the super-sub of the match by scoring a hat-trick for CFC. Chris' first goal was a professional header to the goal's right side, resulting from a nice cross by Justin on the right. Alexander Lim made a precise long ball from the near half-way line that found Chris breaking the offside trap and slotted in his second goal. Chris completed his hat-trick after he stole the ball from the opponent on the left side and made a perfect grounder-shot to the right side of the goal. Orange FC was stunned after CFC managed to make the score 5-2 after just 70 minutes. Calvin Kong was totally not on form that day when he wasted 2 chances to score from a 1v1 situations and on another occasion Calvin Kong was attacking on the left side but he failed to send a cross to Alexander Lim, who was left unmarked in the middle. CFC's skipper Ivan Teh substituted him out for Nyin Cheong aka Martin Demichelis. Ivan Teh and Dr. Basel also came off for Alan Goh aka Richard Dunne and another imported chinese player who was also on trial with CFC.

Champ of Kejohanan Futsal Kelab Sukan Komuniti Dun Teja 2006.

Orange FC tried to attack as much as they could but their efforts were always stopped by the 2 CFC's solid center-backs. Wai Lune made a lot of precise sliding tackles whenever he had the chance while Syed was too good in reading the opponent's play, often intercepting the ball when the opponents tried to dribble past him. Syed did not fail to include his name to the score sheet as CFC won a free-kick, around 28 yards on the left side of the penalty box. Freekick specialist, Alexander Lim took the free-kick with a Lampard style, which was by sending in a curling cross into the penalty box for the teammates to head in. True enough, the ball curled in at a right height and angle and Syed headed the ball with power, which saw the ball hit the back of the net. At this point, Orange FC was devastated and the players were too eager to get a goal, causing them to lose focus and concentration on the game. It was on the 90th minute injury time, CFC made a last attack from the right. Justin sent in a strong cross to the middle but the Orange FC's goalkeeper dived out to punch the ball. Luckily for Alexander Lim, the ball rolled slowly to him just at the line of the penalty box and he blasted in to the left-bottom to make the final score 7-2. The referee blew the final whistle right after the shocking and depressing Orange FC restarted the game. Both of the teams' players shook hands with smiles on the faces and congratulated each other for an intense and exciting match. Orange FC walked home in disbelief while CFC celebrated with joy, satisfactions and 3 points for the start of the year.

CFC Early Days When Jerseys Were Not Made Yet.

Well for me personally, it was indeed a memorable match for me. I was really satisfied with my performance that day, giving myself a proud high rating of 9/10 haha =P. Scoring 2 goals and providing 2 assists made me felt so happy that i had done something for the team. What i'm happy most is that i knew Ballack really inspired me a lot. After watching him came back to play for Chelsea, he made me want to play football more. When he scored the penalty against Fulham, i actually told myself if there was a penalty during my friendly match, i would definitely take it even though i don't take penalties for the team. I was shocked that God decided to award a penalty for me that day (thanks!!!) haha. When i took it, i just wanted to take it like how Ballack did, not thinking about whether it would go in or not lolz. The free-kick was another happy moment for me. When i took it, i just thought of how Lampard usually took free-kicks from this situation and angle. His free-kicks are creative and brilliant, sending a curling cross into the penalty box which at the same time, aims for the far post of the goal. This means it will have 2 chances of scoring, either the teammates head in like how Syed did, or if everyone misses the ball, it will go straight into the back of the net. I was really impressed with my free-kick, which was at the right angle and height and Syed was good too to get the header on time. Wow i just can't forget the incidents hehe.

I Have To Say This Again, Ballack Inspires Me! =P

Anyway, i should say all of the team players had really shown great performances that day and a lot of efforts were put in. We made great passes, kept possession most of the time and scored amazing and professional goals. We can prove that our multi-ethnic team which has a mix of chinese, indian, malay and even mamak players is capable of producing wonderful and interesting football. It's sad that we can't train together regularly due to some players who are busy with works and studies, but it's surely great that as an underdog team most of the time, we are able to win teams that train regularly and even teams that play in the current Ipoh's Division League.

Check out CFC's Friendster profile and join its Friendster group to get the team's match fixtures and updates!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Willkommen zurück Michael Ballack!

Welcome Back Michael Ballack!

It has been a while that i've wanted to blog on the only player who inspired me the most in football, the magnificent German skipper Michael Ballack!

It was a very sad, upsetting and disappointing moment for me during the long period of Ballack's absence in the Chelsea squad. I didn't have the mood to watch Chelsea's matches anymore. Ballack injured his ankle during an EPL match against Newcastle United in April 2007. He underwent two major operations to fix his left ankle and he admitted that he thought the serious injury had put an end to his career. Thank God for knowing Ballack is one of the rarest and talented footballer in the world, Ballack's injury healed slowly and he's back to show the world what he is capable of.

The Injury That Nearly Ends Ballack's Career.

The experienced midfielder returned after 8 MONTHS! Damn, i missed him like hell! He has come at the right time to help Chelsea, currently suffering from a mass injury list of key players such as Lampard, Drogba, Terry and Cech. In his four appearances so far, the German international has made an impact, scoring an expertly-taken free-kick against Aston Villa and winning and converting the deciding penalty at Fulham, as well as taking on the captaincy for the time being.

Michael Ballack Back In Action After 8 Months.

He played his first EPL match of the season during the match against Aston Villa in which he replaced Lampard when he limped off with a thigh injury at the 26th minute. For many fans who doubted his fitness after a long-term injury, Ballack proved them wrong by winning a penalty and scoring a thunderous free-kick for the Blues. How about that for a player who had been out from action for 8 months and coming back with a goal and an assist for his club in his first match. Ballack scored the free-kick on the 88th minute, which made many people thought it was a last minute win for Chelsea and that Ballack will surely have his name on the headlines the next day. I'm sure Ballack was very very happy and impressed with his own performance right after the goal but then luck turned to Aston Villa as they won a penalty after the lousy referee pointed to the spot, saying that Ashley Cole used his hand to stop the ball from crossing the line at the 90th minute. Well to me, it didn't look like a handball to me and Ballack was surely frustrated and he got himself booked for arguing with the referee's dubious decision. The decision stood and Villa scored the penalty, which made the final score 4-4 and Ballack couldn't be anymore happier as he failed to make his goal a winning goal.

Ballack Taking The Free-kick Against Aston Villa.

Not long later, Ballack scored his 2nd goal on his 3rd game of the season! 2 goals in 3 matches! No one believed he can get back to the team so fast after an injury as normally players who just come back from injuries would not be 100% fit and not play well. But Ballack showed that he's special and this time he captained Chelsea for the first time since Lampard and Terry were out from injuries. During his 3rd game against Fulham at Craven Cottage, again he won another penalty and this time he took it.
His shirt was pulled by Fulham's Dempsey inside the penalty box and the referee had no hesitation awarding a penalty. The 31 years old former Bayern Munich midfielder is a free-kick and penalty specialist, which is why i like him so much. As Ballack has taken hundreds of penalties and scoring most of them in his entire career, he made no mistake by slotting the ball to the left-bottom of the goal. This time Ballack deserved the credit as his winning goal helped Chelsea to earn 3 points.

Ballack Scoring From The Penalty Spot Against Fulham.

I have never been so happy seeing Ballack back in action finally and what's more, scoring 2 goals in his first 3 games. To be honest, watching Ballack plays really gives me a lot of inspirations and improvements in football. He makes me wants to continue playing football and i really improved myself a lot after watching his games, especially when i always imagine and tell myself that i am him. The urge of becoming like him really pushes me to do more on the pitch. I've got a great story to tell next about my recent team's friendly match last Sunday, which is our first big win of the year and probably one of my happiest and unforgettable matches in my life. I've got to say that Ballack is the one who made me played so well during that match because the experiences i had were similar to Ballack's recent comeback. Stay tune for my next blog.

Admit It, Chelsea Needs Ballack!

Michael Ballack is a monster standing at 189cm and weighing 80kg. He's tough as a rock and produces creativity on the pitch. Besides being a free-kick and penalty specialist, he's one of the players who is deadly on the air, making powerful and precise headers. He slides and intercepts with fast paces and sends through balls and long passes in a blink of an eye. He can execute powerful long shots from as far as 25 yards and roars at the opponents who tried to play dirty. Despite the critics of many people, he has shown them that coming over to Chelsea is not a bad choice after all, as he admitted playing with Chelsea had made him a better player. Man, i love football as much as i love Ballack! Hail the number 13! XD

Michael Ballack, My Inspiration.

Monday, January 7, 2008

2008 New Year Eve Celebration

What did you do on the eve of 2008 New Year? Some were spending time with their family members, some were having expensive dinners with their loved ones, some were partying with their friends at The Lost World Beach Party and some were counting down in IMAX, the largest cyber cafe in Ipoh.

Yeah, i was one of those fellas who were having countdown in Ipoh Garden East's IMAX, counting the frags that i've got in Call of Duty 4. Of course i wasn't alone. I have Calvin Kong aka Benayoun Kong accompanying me to level up our ranks in COD 4. Nahhh that wasn't our plan for the New Year eve. Thanks to our other 2 DMZ members, Adrian Tan and Nicholas Su, who "need" to spend some special moments with their "wives". I've called both of them earlier and they said they had to spend time with their gfs to eat dinner la, watch movie la, w
atch moon la, have sex la and bla bla. So for bachelors like Calvin and i to pass time and wait for the 2 machaz to finish their businesses, we went to buckle up our weapons and started shooting and knifing enemies from behind. While people were shouting "3, 2, 1, Happy New Year!" *fireworks*explosions*screams*, we were concentrating deeply in our virtual missions, silently camouflaging ourselves and sneaking enemies from behind to make them go "WTF, cb knn alwiz can knife me from behind wan???".

Call Of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare.

So time did fly very fast and the 2 machas were finally in IMAX looking for us. It was around 1.30am that time and we didn't know what to do next. Thought both of them had a great time with their loved ones but turned out one of them had argued with his gf over some matter and the other was moodless as his plans were screwed up by his gf's brother's presence during their date. Haha isn't shooting and calling for airstrike/helicopter supports make us happier than spending time with girls? =P Anyway, as Calvin was hungry and the other 2 were moodless, we went for the famous and big Chicken Chop Rice set which costs RM6 each. Everyone ordered except me, even though the dish worth the price but i wasn't really hungry that time. If you're not hungry, don't think of ordering it!

Chicken Chop Rice Set Just Outside IMAX.

After the satisfying meals and a bottle of beer for Nicholas, we decided to go over to Adrian's house for some fun as i've brought along a BINGO set, which i borrowed from my brother. As for the game rules, we decided to gamble by setting each card at 50 sen each but everyone just bought 2 cards in each round. I was winning at first but then in the end i lost RM4. Damn, talk about luck this year! After few rounds of BINGO, we played a deck game called "Heart Attack", introduced to us by Adrian. We played the game during our trip in Penang and it was indeed an exciting and "memorizing" game! The game goes like this, each player will need to think of a sentence or word(s), such as a name of celebrity, brand, people, things or a mixture of each. Everyone will have to remember each player's sentence or words. The game just start by each of the player opening a card from their own deck of cards and if any 2 players are having the same numbers or flowers, the player who says the other player's sentence or words the fastest, makes his opponent takes all of the cards. This game can get extreme and can cause serious tummy-aches especially if one says the wrong sentence or words, looking at the 2 players staring at each other for a long time while trying to remember the opponent's sentence or words and even setting up sentences like "I have a hairy pussy" or "I love sucking cock" (making your opponent says the sentence like he always does) wahahahaha.

BINGO Cards & Markers.

After all the laughters and rolling on the floor despite Adrian's parents were sleeping upstairs and it's 6 in the morning, we decided to call it a day. Before everyone left the house and a few hours before Nicholas' trip back to his industrial training in Penang and Adrian's trip back to Tanjung Malim for his studies, we took a few of our latest DMZ 2008 "family" photos. So this is the story of my "wonderful" and "memorable" new year eve celebration hehe. The 2007 year ended again with craziness and laughters from the DMZ gang and it's only a month later where the DMZ reunites again, probably producing a few more videos! Muahahaha...

Da Machaz (DMZ) - The Four Brothers.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year 2008~!

A13x 2004 - Still Hensem & Young.

Hehe surprisingly i've decided to start indulging myself in blogging. Well, maybe because it's already 2008, but i believe it's mainly because i've just finished with my Degree course (not yet fully graduated but just a research project left!) which makes me even bored with all the free time i have. Seeing so many people are already writing and talking craps i felt so tempted to write out all the craps that are circling in my head and all of a sudden i feel that i have a lot of craps to write!

Whether you like the idea of me starting blogging out craps so you can sometimes drop by to read, laugh and learn or you don't give a damn sh|+ about my repetitive and long craps, A13x has already started writing and he just can't stop when the fingers are typing!

So as a welcome message for you guys/gals to my new rest-home, i would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year 08, may everything goes well for you, health, wealth, luck, love, chicks, hunks, and every other thing you are wishing for will stick to you for the rest of 2008, the year of "A13x-is-damn-confused-and-lost", not knowing what his next path will be. This year will have me in dilemma in making decisions, sigh. Anyway, welcome to my rest-home and have fun reading and commenting but no spamming! XD

A13x 2008 - Confused & Lost, Apek Look.