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CFC Won Olympia College Ipoh: Extreme Knockout Futsal Tournament 2009!

Canning FC

After a long 3 years ever since Canning FC (CFC) grabbed the Champion titles from "The Kejohanan Futsal Kelab Sukan Komuniti Dun Teja in Ipoh" and "MCA Road To The World Cup Futsal Championship in Alor Setar", they have just added in another futsal title just before the 2009 Season comes to an end yesterday. CFC's midfielder Alexander Lim registered a team of 6 players into the knockout format futsal tournament which was organized by Olympia College Ipoh at the Sunway's Extreme Park with a registration fee of RM50 per team. CFC's winning team comprised of:

Canning FC Winning Team

1. Lim Ming Xian (GK)
2. Alexander Lim Kok Soon (13 - Captain)
3. Keith Chan Mun Pan (25)
4. Jason Chai Nyin Cheong (88)
5. Stanley Choong Jin Lai (No Number)
6. Vincent Lim Kok Fong (16)

The tournament which started from 9am to 2pm on the 12th December 2009 (Saturday) saw 16 teams from different races. CFC were the only Chinese team apart from a team of Koreans who should be a group of students studying at Olympia and Ipoh International School. There were like 3-4 Malay teams and the rest were Indian teams. A draw was made in front of all of the teams' captains and CFC were drawn to play against MD Perak Tengah. Each match was 7 minutes per half. The results and brief reports of CFC's journey to victory are as below:

FINAL 16: CFC 5 - 2 MD Perak Tengah
Alexander Lim (2 goals)Keith, Kok Fong & Stanley Choong (1 goal)

CFC players were having difficulties in this very first match because they were still not used to the Extreme Park's articifical grass as they played most of their futsal friendlies at Sportsplanet Menglembu's Decoflex surface. CFC conceded first when Nyin Cheong tried to dribble upwards but got pressured and the ball stolen by the opponent to make a fast attack towards CFC's empty backline. Stanley equalized later on but CFC again conceded when Ming Xian's short pass was intercepted by an opposing player and slotted past him easily. After the 2nd half, CFC started to get back the feel and played much better. Alexander Lim scored 2 goals with a perfect pass by Kok Fong and another thunderous shot past the goalie. Keith scored from the right flank in style and Kok Fong also scored to make it 5 - 2 for CFC as they also received cheers and supports from a group of Indian players.

FINAL 8: CFC 4 - 1 Gopeng City B
Alexander Lim & Stanley Choong (2 goals)

After the first match, CFC players started to play as good as they usually did. CFC's defence were better and only conceded a goal in this match. Both Alexander Lim and Stanley scored a brace each to secure a comfortable win into the Semi-Final where the stress level increased as they knew they'll be meeting the toughest opponent of the tournament.

SEMI-FINAL: CFC 1(4)(2) - 1(4)(0) AAFC
Nyin Cheong (1 goal)

CFC 4 - 4 AAFC
Stanley Choong - Scored Opponent 1 - Scored
Keith - Scored Opponent 2 - Scored
Alexander Lim - Shot Saved Opponent 3 - Shot Saved
Kok Fong - Scored Opponent 4 - Scored
Ming Xian - Scored Opponent 5 - Scored

CFC's Captain Alexander Lim 2 - 0 AAFC's Captain
1. AAFC chose "Tails", result was "Heads" (CFC won first round!)
2. Alexander Lim chose "Heads", result was "Heads" (CFC won second round & got into the Final!)

The Semi-Final was definitely the most exciting and toughest match for CFC in the tournament. Everyone knew that the opponent was the best and toughest to play against because the players were quite aggresive and had good teamwork. CFC failed to find the net as each shot was blocked and saved while the opponents were physically aggresive, making it harder for CFC players to control the ball and get past the opponents. CFC conceded first again when Alexander Lim failed to block a long shot that flew past Ming Xian. Tension was critically high as CFC went into the 2nd half with 1 goal down and only have 7 minutes to not concede anymore but to score. Alexander Lim was fouled a couple of times when he was knocked down by the opponent. When CFC was given a freekick at the opponent's half with just only minutes left on the clock, Nyin Cheong was left unmarked at the left side and Alexander Lim quickly passed the ball to him. With a timely first-timed shot at the rolling ball, Nyin Cheong put the ball at the top corner to make everyone screamed and jumped in joy as CFC equalized. Right after the restart, Alexander Lim intercepted the ball and blasted a powerful shot at the top corner but only to be denied by the goalie's quick reflex save. The whistle was then blown for the penalty shootout.

Stanley was the first taker to shoot at the bottom left, followed by Keith who also shot at the same position. However, Alexander Lim's shot at the middle was saved by the goalie. It was all up to Ming Xian after that and with all the confident cheers from his team-mates, Ming Xian made a crucial save to keep CFC on the track! Kok Fong stepped up for the 3rd kick although he was still suffering from a slight injury on his right ankle, confidently blasted the ball at the back of the net. As Nyin Cheong wanted to take the 5th kick, the ref halted him and said only current players in the game were allowed to take the kicks. This meant that Ming Xian has to take the final kick. While the other CFC players were feeling doubtful for the inexperienced Ming Xian to kick a ball but at the same time were hoping and giving him the confidence, Ming Xian proved everyone's wrong when his shot hit the inner crossbar and over the line, scoring probably 1 of the best goals of the tournament! When the opposing goalie also scored the 4th goal, it was still a tie and the next format to determine the winner of a Semi-Final round should be the most hilarious and absurd format of the decade, a coin toss!

The ref stepped outside the court and only ordered the 2 teams' captains with the organizers to witness the coin toss. It was a "Best of 3 Tosses" to determine the winner. The opposing captain got to choose first and he chose "Tails". The ref flipped the coin and it showed "Heads", CFC won the 1st round! CFC's captain Alexander Lim was asked to choose in the 2nd round and he confidently chose "Heads" again and after the flip, it showed "Heads" again and CFC got the easiest win into the Final in history!

Canning FC With Gopeng Juniors A Prior To The Final Match

FINAL: CFC 6 - 1 Gopeng Juniors A
Stanley Choong (3 goals)
Alexander Lim, Kok Fong & Nyin Cheong (1 goal)

CFC had earlier watched this team played and thought they shouldn't pose any great danger. However, over-confidence aside and CFC stayed focus to play a very good defence cum fast passes and counter-attack strategy. Both teams shook hands and took pictures before the kick-off. CFC's Stanley scored the opener before minutes later, Nyin Cheong was elbowed by an opponent and was down on the ground. The opponents kept attacking and the ref didn't blow, resulting a goal for the opposing team. CFC stayed calm and slowly build up the attack which then saw Stanley grabbed a hat-trick for himself with fantastic tight angle goals, Alexander Lim with another 1st-timed thunderous shot from a rolling ball, Kok Fong's goal with his Anelka-liked precise finishing and Nyin Cheong who scored his 2nd goal of the tournament after his crucial Semi-Final's equalizer goal. Towards the end, CFC held most of the ball possessions and blocked all of the opponents' shots until the final whistle was blown.

Champion Prizes: RM500 Cash, Gold Medal & Certificate Of Participation

The CFC team was proud to be the Champion again especially when they were also the only Chinese team in the tournament. CFC brought home RM500 in cash, medals and certificates of participation while the 1st Runner-up received similar prizes except for RM150 in cash.

Canning FC Are The Ipoh Champs!

CFC would like to express their deep appreciation and huge thank you to those who supported the team, CFC's Manager Ivan Teh and CFC's Manageress Jessie Lim for dropping by to support, CFC's defender Adrian Choi for the photos and videos and also the very friendly Olympia College Ipoh organizers for holding the futsal tournament perfectly without delays and issues. CFC will be looking forward for more titles in the upcoming year! Thanks!

Canning FC Are The Best!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

CyberFusion FIFA09 Champion - CFC

Haha by just looking at how "often" i update my blog, everyone should know that i'm kinda lazy to blog. Hence, i'm just gonna copy paste the article which i've spent almost 2-3 hours writing for my clan's website. Yeah it's about the first FIFA09 tournament in Malaysia which i've won, my 2nd FIFA title to date.


For most of the gamers in Malaysia, if not from worldwide, should know about the CyberFusion 2009 event at Cyberjaya on 10th to 12th of April 2009. The event saw Malaysia broke the Guinness World Records for having the Longest LAN Party with 274 participants playing computer games for 40 hours. Besides the record breaker event, there were also gaming tournaments which were held in the same hall in MMU. The participating games were FIFA09, Call of Duty 4, Sudden Attack and DotA.

CyberFusion 2009 @ Cyberjaya

Much to the joy of [T2.W|nDs] as they celebrate yet another FIFA tournament domination when [T2.W|nDs] A13x fought his way through the Winners' Bracket to grab the CyberFusion FIFA09 Champion title, his 2nd title personally. [T2.W|nDs] had most of their members from Malaysia who took part in the FIFA09 tournament. There were 10 [T2.W|nDs] members excluding only [T2.W|nDs] Leoninho, [T2.W|nDs] Dazzle and [T2.W|nDs] Juan who were not free to take part.

LAN Party Record Breakers Arena

For the FIFA09 tournament, there were 21 players who signed up and the event organizer divided them into 7 groups of 3 players. The Top 2 in each group will proceed to the Final 16. As [T2.W|nDs] Wei2v3 and [MyFeS.INC] Killer-X were already seeded from an earlier preliminary round, they were automatically seeded into the Final 16. Hence, there were only 14 players from the 7 groups that can proceed to the Final 16. Lucky for [T2.W|nDs] as well as proving that they have the best and quality FIFA players, all 10 members managed to qualify into the Final 16 Double Elimination round. Rival clan [MyFeS.INC] had trio [MyFeS.INC] Killer-X, [MyFeS.INC] Warrior and [MyFeS.INC] Demonic in the Final 16 but [MyFeS.INC] Bush was knocked out from the same group as [T2.W|nDs] Jotaro and [T2.W|nDs] Des. The other remaining 3 players in the Final 16 were [Tornado] Seed, Syafiq and Shazmeen.

FIFA09 Tournament Island

It was an upset to [MyFeS.INC] as their promising member, [MyFeS.INC] Warrior was knocked out early in the Final 16 round. He lost to [T2.W|nDs] A13x before [T2.W|nDs] Des destroyed his hope in the Losers' Bracket. Two [T2.W|nDs.YA] members also faced the early exit where [T2.W|nDs.YA] BigBoss, lost to Senior members [T2.WInDs] Rei and [T2.W|nDs] Jotaro while [T2.W|nDs.YA] Shark_Attack lost to [MyFeS.INC] Demonic and his new YA mate, [T2.W|nDs.YA] Han. Shazmeen was knocked out by Syafiq and [T2.W|nDs] Wei2v3 in the Losers' Bracket. Over at the Winners' Bracket, [T2.W|nDs] A13x managed to beat his clan-mate LoOn4tiC, in reminiscence of the CELgames 08 Finals. [T2.W|nDs] Rei proved he was improving alot after graduating from the YA last year when he beat the defensive minded [Tornado] Seed to meet [T2.W|nDs] A13x in the Semi-Final Winners' Bracket. At the lower bracket, [T2.W|nDs] Vin managed to beat [MyFeS.INC] Demonic to book his place to meet [MyFeS.INC] Killer-X who had beaten Syafiq.

Gaming Tournament Arena

The Losers' Bracket was an intense sight as players fought at their best to remain in the tournament after their lifelines were compromised. It was a blow to [T2.W|nDs] as 4 of their members were out from the tournament in the 2nd stage of the Losers' Bracket. [T2.W|nDs] Des lost to Syafiq, [T2.W|nDs] Jotaro was beaten by [MyFeS.INC] Demonic, [T2.W|nDs.YA] Han failed to overcome [Tornado] Seed's heavy defensive formation while [T2.W|nDs] LoOn4tiC was beaten by his own clan-mate, Wei2v3. It seemed that the number of [T2.W|nDs] members in the tournament was dropping drastically, especially when [T2.W|nDs] Wei2v3 was also knocked out by [Tornado] Seed later on. Over at the Winners' Bracket, the 4 players weren't playing with total calmness as well even though they still have their lifelines. There were the aura of nervousness and total concentrations when [T2.W|nDs] A13x took on [T2.W|nDs] Rei while [T2.W|nDs] Vin faced [MyFeS.INC] Killer-X. [T2.W|nDs] A13x proved he was a much more experienced player when he won [T2.W|nDs] Rei by a close margin. However, [T2.W|nDs] Vin was stunned for a moment as he dropped into the Losers' Bracket after being beaten by [MyFeS.INC] Killer-X, who also won [T2.W|nDs] Wei2v3 in the earlier preliminary round's final which earned them the Final 16 slots. In the Winners' Bracket Final, [T2.W|nDs] A13x played in full concentration as he outdid [MyFeS.INC] Killer-X, repeating his straight-wins during CELgames 08 Winners' Bracket that earned him his first ever FIFA title.

From Left: [T2.W|nDs] Vin, [MyFeS.INC] Warrior, [T2.W|nDs] LoOn4tiC & FIFA Head Marshal Keng Khim

While [T2.W|nDs] A13x was waiting in relief to play his final match at the Winners' Bracket, the remaining players in the Losers' Bracket were sweating with determinations to keep winning in order to stay in the tournament for the chance to get to the podium. [T2.W|nDs] Vin had to face [MyFeS.INC] Demonic again after the latter beat Syafiq earlier. This was the third time they had to play one another in the tournament where the first time they met was in the group stage and the second time when [T2.W|nDs] Vin beat him in the Top 8 of the Winners' Bracket. It was an exciting and intense second match they played after [T2.W|nDs] Vin lost in the first match. During the second match, [T2.W|nDs] Vin scored an essential 90th minute goal to keep him playing in the Extra-Time. When everyone thought the final whistle was going to blow and Extra-Time will be played, [MyFeS.INC] Demonic scored another goal in the dying seconds. This was a huge shock to the [T2.W|nDs] members and Vin himself but a moment of joy and loud celebrations for [MyFeS.INC] as they managed to reduce another experienced [T2.W|nDs] member. On the other match, [T2.W|nDs] Rei was the only other [T2.W|nDs] member who was still fighting to secure another place in the podium. He had no problem beating [Tornado] Seed for the second time to make his way to meet [MyFeS.INC] Demonic.

[T2.W|nDs] A13x Warming Up As [T2.W|nDs] Rei Playing Against [MyFeS.INC] Demonic

There was an enormous pressure on [T2.W|nDs] Rei as he knew he couldn't afford to lose when he had fought this far. By winning this crucial match, he knew he will be guaranteed a Top 3 spot and this meant a lot not for him alone, but for [T2.W|nDs] as well. It was such an unbelievable moment for him when he was knocked out from the tournament by [MyFeS.INC] Demonic. It was another blow that [T2.W|nDs] had to swallow but nonetheless, everyone cheered for [T2.W|nDs] Rei after he had tried his best and for making this far. His loss meant [T2.W|nDs] A13x was the only hope to secure another title for [T2.W|nDs]. [MyFeS.INC] had deservedly secured 2 spots in the podium as [MyFeS.INC] Demonic faced his clan-mate, Killer-X in the Losers' Bracket Final. In the end, [MyFeS.INC] Killer-X proved too good for his pal and gained another opportunity to avenge himself on [T2.W|nDs] A13x.

[T2.W|nDs] Rei Competing With His Precious Razer Tarantula

It was another heart-throbbing moment for the [T2.W|nDs] members who were supporting their clan-mate, so the same to the [MyFeS.INC] side. When [T2.W|nDs] A13x lost in the first two Home/Away matches and was forced to use up his lifeline, his clan-mates were sweating even more. Words of encouragements were hurled at [T2.W|nDs] A13x to calm himself and to do better in the next two Home/Away matches. [T2.W|nDs] A13x chose to play Away first when he was asked by the marshal. The match ended 3-3, in favor to [T2.W|nDs] A13x as he scored 3 crucial Away goals, never mind the draw. The 2nd match was played and hosted by [T2.W|nDs] A13x. [MyFeS.INC] Killer-X opened the scoring first and everyone was biting their nails. Finally, the [T2.W|nDs] side was at much relief when [T2.W|nDs] A13x managed to score 2 goals and led until the final minutes. [MyFeS.INC] Killer-X knew he had to score 2 more goals in order to win due to the Away Goals rule. Both gamers were sweating on their gamepads when [MyFeS.INC] Killer-X earned himself a corner and he called out his Goalkeeper in a bid to score with an additional player in the box. However, the ball was cleared by [T2.W|nDs] A13x's players and were on their way to score at the empty goal. While chasing and holding on to the player from behind, [MyFeS.INC] Killer-X opted to slide from behind and as a result, his player was sent off while [T2.W|nDs] A13x was awarded a freekick from approximately 30 metres out. [T2.W|nDs] A13x confidently put his Brazillian Kaka to take the freekick and when Kaka's powerful shot hit the inner crossbar and into the back of the net, it was the end. [T2.W|nDs] successfully grabbed and added another title into their collections, which is the first FIFA09 title from the first FIFA09 tournament in Malaysia. As for [T2.W|nDs] A13x himself, he was filled with extreme joy as he achieved his 2nd FIFA title, helped his clan to gain the important title and being thankful for the continuous support by his family, clan-mates and friends.

[T2.W|nDs] A13x - CyberFusion FIFA09 Champion

For this meaningful and successful achievement, [T2.W|nDs] would like to thank their sponsors T2 cyber-cafe and Gamers.com.my for giving their full beliefs, supports and friendly bonds with the clan. Not forgetting the clan members, [T2.W|nDs] congratulate the winners and those who stayed to give continuous support to their clan-mates. [T2.W|nDs] would also like to acknowledge the fair-play and sportmanship qualities shown by [MyFeS.INC] members and also by the other gamers during the tournament. It was definitely a memorable event for all and [T2.W|nDs] will hope to see you guys/girls again in the next coming FIFA tournaments!

[T2.W|nDs] Grabbed The First FIFA09 Title!

2009 CyberFusion FIFA09 Final 16 Results
[W|nDs] Official Website

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Maybank2U Email Scam

Today i've received another scam email claiming to be from Maybank and i would like to warn everyone out there again to not reply such an email.

The subject of the scam email is "Security Alert!" and the sender's name is "Maybank" bearing an email address of "maybank@security.com.my"

This one looks really like a legitimate email from Maybank but there are still some ways to know that it's another suspicious scam email. Refer to the image attached.

How The Scam Email Looks Like.

1. In the email, they stated that if you fail to complete the verification in 24 hours, your account will be suspended. Everyone should know that no banks will ever suspend your account for such lame reason, which is their own fault after their server has been attacked and it's never your fault if you fail to receive the email or to verify yourself through it. Banks will always call you.

2. The LINKS which are provided in the email are the key and path to take you to their scam sites. Therefore, always check out the links before you click on it. When you move your mouse cursor on to the link (without clicking on it), you could see the website address at the bottom of your browser. For Link 1, it is a genuine link which leads you to the genuine Maybank2U website. This is because they want you to log into your account first and request for the TAC (Transaction Authorization Code), which is something you should never share with other people although it changes constantly every 2 hours or so. The reason is they want your TAC code so they could withdraw money out from your account through the Internet.

3. In Step 4, Link 2 is the scam's link which will lead you to their notorious website once you click on it. If you check the link out, it stated "http://adsl-75-56-163-18.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net//", in which you don't even see any "Maybank" word there and the domain is obviously not the genuine Maybank2U website. This is where they ask for your Username and TAC code to be keyed in. Once you submit both of the personal details to them, they will use your information to log into your account and start transferring out all of your money within seconds!

So beware of such email scams in the future. Learn not to easily trust an email although the sender's name and email address look familiar and especially when you're in doubt.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Maybank2u Email Fraud

Recently i came across with an email regarding a fake Maybank2u link being circulated on the internet by asking users to log in with their username and password as well as the TAC. After users went to the fake website to key in their username and password, both of the data would be sent straight to the hackers where they would gain access to your account and "sapu" all your years of hard-earned savings.

Therefore, I would like to share with you guys on 3 simple ways to verify the authenticity of an email sent by big companies such as Maybank.

Based on the attached photos in this email:

1. Look at the Email Address
- The sender's email address is "add@slidevalidprocess.com" as you can see from the first photo. A big company like Maybank should have their own domain and server, which means if the email should be from the real Maybank staffs, the email address should end with "@maybank2u.com.my" and remember that COMPANIES will NEVER use free email services such as YAHOO, HOTMAIL or GMAIL.

2. Look at the URL (Website Address)
- The website as you can see is "http://www.2database-servers.com/Maybank-Online.htm" and most importantly is to look at the main domain name, which is "www.2database-servers.com". After the end of the domain name, people can put any names they like, in this case, it's "Maybank-Online.htm" where the culprits want to convince people to think that the website is really related to Maybank. So always look at the domain name to see if it's suspicious first. Currently the legitimate website for Maybank2u is "www.maybank2u.com.my", and no one else can use this domain name to cheat on people as it's already registered by Maybank.

3. Look at the Email Header
- Also from the first photo, you could see that the email started with "
Dear Valued Maybank Customer". If it was really an URGENT notification by Maybank, they would greet you by your FULL NAME and most probably Maybank would prefer to call you instead of sending you emails. Just remember that when important and confidential things such as asking for your personal information or changing passwords related to banking, credit cards or $$$, most of the emails are FRAUDS and the real companies will never risk by emailing such essential notifications to you (when they know not everyone knows how to use the Internet or check their emails frequently), instead they would just call you or send a letter straight to your doorstep.

Be smart and alert when using the Internet!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

World Gamemaster Tournament (WGT) 2008

WGT08 Msia: 31st October 2008 - 2nd November 2008.

The World Gamemaster Tournament is the final gaming tournament for all of the Malaysian gamers this year. For the top FIFA gamers, all of them will be focusing on FIFA09 after the tournament has ended. It would be a whole new level of intense researching and training again for the gamers on the new platform in order to prepare for the following year's big tourneys.

FIFA09: Official Release on 3rd October 2008.

So for myself personally, i would be hoping to win the title like everyone else. Especially after the awful and disappointing knockout from WCG08 which cost me a dream trip to Michael Ballack's home country for the Grand Finals, i vowed to myself to avoid eating 'heaty' foods! The 'Satay Celup' i had in Melaka a few days before WCG08 made me had a bad sore throat and flu during WCG08. It was a lesson for me for not repeating the silly mistakes again by swallowing 2 tablets of Panadol Cold & Flu (Drowsy) right before my last match of the day in which my brain was processing the frames slower than a turtle running and had no idea what i was playing. I would also pray and pray hard so that i won't fall sick again or being drawn in the group of death! After narrowly winning my 1st title in CELgames08, i want to try and get a DOUBLE titles this year!

Michael Ballack: Score a Double This Year!

Besides the gaming event itself, the organizer has decided to come up with the WGT08 Idol Gamer! Haha the first time such Idol competition to look for the prettiest gamer was held during WCG 2004, where i was lucky enough to receive enough votes to take the 2nd placing and got myself a Samsung HIFI which is still yet to be sold and still residing inside the box until now. Really curious to what are the prizes this time for the WGT08 Idol as ASUS is the main sponsor and seriously they aren't stingy in giving out their products. Hopefully they would be giving out their ROG mobos as the prizes or maybe an entire gaming PC! Hehe so while waiting for the event to arrive, log on to the site and register yourself to vote for me! The first 200 members who registered at the site will be receiving complimentary FREE movie tickets. Head over to WGT08 Idol Gamer Vote! and start voting for your favourite gamer! ([W|nDs] A13x!) =P

WCG04: Got 2nd for WCG 2004 Malaysia Idol! XD

Only those who had gone for the earlier WGT08 Gear Up Party were eligible to sign up and join the WGT08 Idol Gamer contest. Only 30 were shortlisted to be put up on the site for other people to vote. The pictures are kinda small on the site and i have no idea how people can judge and vote when small and blurry pics tend to make everyone looks pretty =S. Perhaps they are looking for the most interesting slogans but many didn't take a long time to write as not to look like you're so desperate to think of a LOL slogan to win a so-called pageant beauty contest for gamers. What gamers are hungry for are the CHAMPION mock check and prizes while being crowned the Best Gamer In Malaysia! XD