Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Maybank2U Email Scam

Today i've received another scam email claiming to be from Maybank and i would like to warn everyone out there again to not reply such an email.

The subject of the scam email is "Security Alert!" and the sender's name is "Maybank" bearing an email address of ""

This one looks really like a legitimate email from Maybank but there are still some ways to know that it's another suspicious scam email. Refer to the image attached.

How The Scam Email Looks Like.

1. In the email, they stated that if you fail to complete the verification in 24 hours, your account will be suspended. Everyone should know that no banks will ever suspend your account for such lame reason, which is their own fault after their server has been attacked and it's never your fault if you fail to receive the email or to verify yourself through it. Banks will always call you.

2. The LINKS which are provided in the email are the key and path to take you to their scam sites. Therefore, always check out the links before you click on it. When you move your mouse cursor on to the link (without clicking on it), you could see the website address at the bottom of your browser. For Link 1, it is a genuine link which leads you to the genuine Maybank2U website. This is because they want you to log into your account first and request for the TAC (Transaction Authorization Code), which is something you should never share with other people although it changes constantly every 2 hours or so. The reason is they want your TAC code so they could withdraw money out from your account through the Internet.

3. In Step 4, Link 2 is the scam's link which will lead you to their notorious website once you click on it. If you check the link out, it stated "", in which you don't even see any "Maybank" word there and the domain is obviously not the genuine Maybank2U website. This is where they ask for your Username and TAC code to be keyed in. Once you submit both of the personal details to them, they will use your information to log into your account and start transferring out all of your money within seconds!

So beware of such email scams in the future. Learn not to easily trust an email although the sender's name and email address look familiar and especially when you're in doubt.

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