Sunday, September 28, 2008

World Gamemaster Tournament (WGT) 2008

WGT08 Msia: 31st October 2008 - 2nd November 2008.

The World Gamemaster Tournament is the final gaming tournament for all of the Malaysian gamers this year. For the top FIFA gamers, all of them will be focusing on FIFA09 after the tournament has ended. It would be a whole new level of intense researching and training again for the gamers on the new platform in order to prepare for the following year's big tourneys.

FIFA09: Official Release on 3rd October 2008.

So for myself personally, i would be hoping to win the title like everyone else. Especially after the awful and disappointing knockout from WCG08 which cost me a dream trip to Michael Ballack's home country for the Grand Finals, i vowed to myself to avoid eating 'heaty' foods! The 'Satay Celup' i had in Melaka a few days before WCG08 made me had a bad sore throat and flu during WCG08. It was a lesson for me for not repeating the silly mistakes again by swallowing 2 tablets of Panadol Cold & Flu (Drowsy) right before my last match of the day in which my brain was processing the frames slower than a turtle running and had no idea what i was playing. I would also pray and pray hard so that i won't fall sick again or being drawn in the group of death! After narrowly winning my 1st title in CELgames08, i want to try and get a DOUBLE titles this year!

Michael Ballack: Score a Double This Year!

Besides the gaming event itself, the organizer has decided to come up with the WGT08 Idol Gamer! Haha the first time such Idol competition to look for the prettiest gamer was held during WCG 2004, where i was lucky enough to receive enough votes to take the 2nd placing and got myself a Samsung HIFI which is still yet to be sold and still residing inside the box until now. Really curious to what are the prizes this time for the WGT08 Idol as ASUS is the main sponsor and seriously they aren't stingy in giving out their products. Hopefully they would be giving out their ROG mobos as the prizes or maybe an entire gaming PC! Hehe so while waiting for the event to arrive, log on to the site and register yourself to vote for me! The first 200 members who registered at the site will be receiving complimentary FREE movie tickets. Head over to WGT08 Idol Gamer Vote! and start voting for your favourite gamer! ([W|nDs] A13x!) =P

WCG04: Got 2nd for WCG 2004 Malaysia Idol! XD

Only those who had gone for the earlier WGT08 Gear Up Party were eligible to sign up and join the WGT08 Idol Gamer contest. Only 30 were shortlisted to be put up on the site for other people to vote. The pictures are kinda small on the site and i have no idea how people can judge and vote when small and blurry pics tend to make everyone looks pretty =S. Perhaps they are looking for the most interesting slogans but many didn't take a long time to write as not to look like you're so desperate to think of a LOL slogan to win a so-called pageant beauty contest for gamers. What gamers are hungry for are the CHAMPION mock check and prizes while being crowned the Best Gamer In Malaysia! XD

Friday, September 12, 2008

2008 [W|nDs] Intercafe FIFA08 Challenge

My FIFA clan, [W|nDs], which is currently the top FIFA clan in Malaysia has started to go bigger by turning ourselves from not only a gaming clan, but to a gaming event organizer as well. The clan has been registered as an event organizing company last month. Our first gaming event is the Intercafe FIFA08 Challenge which offers a lucrative Grand Prize to the champions!

[W|nDs] Crest.

The Intercafe FIFA08 Challenge is a FIFA08 only gaming competition. There will be preliminary rounds held in different cyber-cafes. There are 4 weekly preliminary rounds in each cyber-cafe and is limited to only 16 participants in each prelim. The champion of each week's prelim will be representing the cyber-cafe itself to play in the Grand Finals. Since there are 4 weekly prelims, there will be 4 weekly champions to represent the cyber-cafe as a team to compete against other cyber-cafe's teams in the Grand Finals.

The 2008 [W|nDs] Intercafe FIFA08 Challenge Poster.

There are two interesting things in this competition. The first is the Grand Prize. Although the champions from each prelim will receive only RM100 cash prize and some sponsored goodies, they also have the chance to play in the Grand Finals. The lucrative prize during the Grand Finals is a 4 Days 3 Nights Trip to Hong Kong Disneyland for all 4 gamers from the winning cyber-cafe team. Everything is fully sponsored! Instead of going there to represent Malaysia to play games again like WCG, this time it's a vacation trip for the winners.

Win A Fully-Sponsored Trip To HK Disneyland For 4 Days 3 Nights!

The second interesting thing will be no professional and experienced FIFA08 players are allowed to join the competition. The so-called professional FIFA08 gamers are clan members of Clan [W|nDs], Clan -MyFes- and Clan [ToRn@d0]. The gamers who got themselves into the Final 8 during recent CELgames08 and WCG08 are also not allowed to join. This is to attract and encourage more new and amateur FIFA08 gamers to play the game competitively. This also means everyone will has the chance to win.

The Usual Big Shots Will Not Be Allowed To Join.

The PRIZES are as follow:

Weekly Prelim Champions
Ticket To Grand Finals + RM100 + Sponsored Goodies

Grand Finals Champions (Team of 4)
Fully sponsored 4 Days 3 Nights trip to Hong Kong Disneyland + Sponsored Goodies

First Runner-Up (Team of 4)
RM1000 + Sponsored Goodies

Second Runner-Up (Team of 4)
RM500 + Sponsored Goodies

The PRELIMINARY ROUNDS will be held at the following participating cyber-cafes:

Cyber-Cafe 1: Autosurf Cheras
Dates: 13th, 20th, 27th & 28th September 2008
Time: 11am

Cyber-Cafe 2: Autosurf Subang
Dates: 13th, 20th, 27th & 28th September 2008
Time: 11am

*More cyber-cafes preliminary rounds will be announced later.

For those who are interested to try out your luck when the big shots are not around, contact Si_Jali (017-3020087/ or Leoninho (012-3990790). You can also visit the links below for more details.

Lowyat Forum
Facebook Event
Clan [W|nDs]
Clan -MyFes-
Clan [ToRn@d0]
M'sia WCG08 Results