Monday, June 16, 2008

WCG08: Kick Off - Top 4 Again

Haha finally after 3 months i've decided to write again. Pardon me for my laziness lolz =P

Local FIFA Clans [W|nDs] & -MyFes- At The WCG08: Kick Off.

Well i think i just wanted to write a little about my recent FIFA08 tournament, which was the WCG08: Kick Off, simply known as the WCG08: ACG Qualifier which was held on 30th-31st May 2008. As for the noobs, WCG means World Cyber Games while ACG means Asian Cyber Games. This is the first time Malaysia held the ACG Qualifier to find the best gamers to represent Malaysia to compete in the ACG08 in Singapore on 7th-10th August 2008. Before that, the previous year WCG champions will be sent automatically. My clan-mate [W|nDs] si_jali was supposed to be representing Malaysia for FIFA this year but because of this event, he will be seeded to the finals in where he will meet the champion of this event to decide who will be going to Singapore.

The FIFA08 Semi-Finalists.
From Left: [W|nDs] LoOn4tiC, [W|nDs] A13x, [W|nDs] Vin & -MyFes- Warrior.

As slots were only limited to 32 for FIFA08, it was a first come first serve basis of registration. There were only 4 groups and [W|nDs] again dominated the tournament by having 3 members winning 3 groups and the other group was won by -MyFes- Warrior. [W|nDs] vin, [W|nDs] LoOn4tiC and i emerged as the champions of our groups. In the semi-final the next day, it was [W|nDs] Vin playing against -MyFes- Warrior while i met [W|nDs] LoOn4tiC. Guessed i was not good enough while having not much luck, i lost 1-2 in my first Away match while drawing 3-3 in my 2nd Home match which meant i lost 4-5 on aggregate. For the other match, [W|nDs] Vin managed to beat -MyFes- Warrior. It was quite an exciting Finals between 2 [W|nDs] members when [W|nDs] LoOn4tiC won the first match 2-0 but [W|nDs] Vin managed to make a comeback on the 2nd match by winning 4-1. So it was [W|nDs] Vin who had the chance to beat the defending [W|nDs] si_jali to grab his spot to Singapore. However, [W|nDs] si_jali led the 1st match 1-0 and it was a 1-1 draw on the 2nd match. The experienced [W|nDs] si_jali managed to hold on to his title to represent Malaysia again to the ACG08, together with NFS:Carbon defending champion Forza and Kingsurf for DotA.

Semi-Final [W|nDs] A13x VS [W|nDs] LoOn4tiC On Stage.

It was an exciting and fun event even though it was held outdoor just outside Plaza Lowyat. [W|nDs] was even interviewed by TV3 Remaja when the crew came to cover the event. The interview was featured on TV3 on Saturday, 14th June 2008 and can be watched on their website here or download the cut-short video edited my me here.

[W|nDs] Being Interviewed By TV3 Remaja.

For myself, i was happy to be in the semi-final for the 2nd time after my first achievement on CGS07 (Championship Gaming Series) and also being picked as the taxi player (reserved player) for KL Taufan to go to Wuhan, China for the Pan Asia Finals in this year's CGS. I see this as a step of improvement for myself after so much hard work and intensive trainings i've put for the past few years. This event definitely made me a better gamer with all the experiences and intense play-to-win spirit. Next tournament will be the CELgames08 on 11th-13th July 2008 in Mid Valley Megamall. Time to buck up myself to make into the Finals this time!

[W|nDs] A13x Striving To Be In The Finals.

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